Agency vs. In-House: The Bottom-Line Calculator

In the realm of marketing, clarity is king. Our calculator serves as the lens to bring financial efficacy into focus. Will the agency route lead to a leaner, more potent marketing spend? Or does your in-house team prove more economical? Let data decide.

What to Input:

  • The full scope of in-house financial commitments.
  • The agency’s retainer and campaign costs that could replace them.
  • Press ‘Calculate’ and observe the empirical evidence.

Why Outsource?

  • Cost Rationality: Analyze the potential for a trimmed-down budget via an agency’s consolidated services.
  • Expertise at Scale: Agencies offer a reservoir of specialized skills that promise more bang for your buck.
  • Flexibility in Finance: Agencies provide the agility to navigate the ebb and flow of market demands without fixed overheads.
  • Time Translated to Value: Redirect internal resources to core business growth while the agency propels your marketing narrative.
  • Technological Edge: Leverage sophisticated tools through an agency without the hefty investment.
  • Return on Investment Rigor: Agencies are structured to prioritize measurable marketing outcomes.

Real-World Scenario:

Meet Benjamin, the founder of a specialty food e-commerce platform in Singapore. His in-house marketing team is dedicated, but the costs are getting hard to swallow. With the competitive food market in Singapore, he knows every dollar saved could be a dollar earned elsewhere.

Curious about the potential savings, Benjamin uses Incify’s Agency vs. In-House Marketing Expense Calculator with these inputs:

  • In-House Salaries (SGD): S$110,000 per year for his marketing team.
  • Benefits (SGD): About 25% on top, reflecting Singapore’s standard.
  • Training (SGD): His team is always upskilling, costing him S$4,500 annually.
  • Software (SGD): S$9,000 goes to various marketing tools each year.
  • Overhead (SGD): Office space in Singapore isn’t cheap, tallying up to S$18,000.
  • Miscellaneous (SGD): Those little costs amount to S$2,500 a year.
  • Agency Option: Incify’s leaner agency retainer is a tempting S$5,000 per month, with an annual service package of S$8,000.

With a quick input and a click on ‘Calculate’, the results are clear:

  • Total Annual In-House Costs: A hefty S$176,500.
  • Total Annual Agency Costs: Just S$68,000 with Incify.

By partnering with Incify, Benjamin’s business stands to save S$108,500 annually. That’s not just savings—that’s a significant chunk of capital that can be reallocated to sourcing better products, improving customer service, or even expanding his market reach. Moreover, he’d gain back 160 hours each month, liberating him to focus on business strategy and growth.

And with Incify’s expertise potentially boosting his revenue by 20%, Benjamin is looking at not only cost savings but also at revenue growth. It’s a strategic shift that makes sense for his bottom line. He decides it’s time to move forward with Incify, confident in the knowledge that his marketing dollars are now an investment in his company’s future, rather than just an expense.

Alternate Choice Calculator
Total Annual In-House Costs: $0
Total Annual Agency Costs: $0
Annual Cost Difference: $0
Time Saved per Month (hours): 0
Potential Revenue Increase (%): 0%


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