Facebook Ads Projection Calculator

This tool is designed for marketers and business owners who want to forecast the performance of their Facebook PPC investments and optimize their advertising spend for better ROI.

What to Input:

  • Total Spend ($): The budget you’re allocating for Facebook ads.
  • CPM ($): Your cost per thousand impressions.
  • CTR (%): The click-through rate of your ads.
  • Conversion Rate (%): The percentage of clicks that lead to conversions.
  • LTV of Customer ($): The lifetime value of a customer acquired through PPC.

Understanding Your Results:

  • Impressions: Like eyes on your storefront window. How many saw your ad.
  • Clicks: Think hand-raises. The number of people interested enough to engage.
  • Average CPC: Think of it as the ticket price for each hand-raise.
  • Conversions: The count of hand-raisers who bought your product.
  • Total Revenue: Your sales total. How much cash you made from the ad.
  • ROAS: Like your ad’s profit margin. Spend $1, make $14.40? That’s a 1440% ROAS.

Why It Matters:

  • Knowing these numbers is like having a business GPS. They guide your ad spend, helping you navigate to more cash with less waste. Use this calculator to plot the course for higher profits.

Scenario Example:

  • Picture this: You’re at a busy market with a lemonade stand. You shout “Fresh Lemonade!” (that’s your ad spend). 100 people glance your way (impressions), 10 walk over (clicks). Out of those, 2 buy your lemonade (conversions). Each sale pours $5 into your jar (total revenue). If shouting cost you $1 and you made $10, you just made ten times what you spent (ROAS). Now, how loud will you shout next time?
Facebook Metrics Calculator
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Facebook Ads Projection Model

Grab our Facebook Ads Projection Model. It’s straightforward, no fluff—just three growth scenarios to plot your next big move. Ready for smarter ad spends? It’s all here.

The projection models provides these scenarios:

Easy to Use:

  1. Input Historical Data: Start with last quarter’s figures to set your baseline.
  2. Adjust Projections: Tweak the growth percentages in the second sheet to align with your upcoming goals. Anticipate a 15% boost in conversion rates? Factor it in.
  3. Visualize Growth: Choose from conservative, expected, or aggressive models to suit your strategy.
  4. Strategize with Confidence: Share with your team and plan for the future with clear visual projections.

Privacy Promise: We respect your privacy. Information entered here is strictly used for download purposes only and will never be shared.