SEO Cost Calculator

Maximize your SEO investment with precision—our SEO Cost Calculator turns data into profit forecasts in a snap. Make informed decisions, boost your revenue, and let your SEO strategy work harder for you.

What to Input:

  • Current Organic Traffic (COT): The number of visitors you get through search engines each month. (Example: 5,000)
  • Conversion Rate (CR): The percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your site. (Example: 1%)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): The total profit you expect from a single customer over their lifetime. (Example: SGD 100)
  • Monthly SEO Cost (MSC): Your monthly investment in SEO. (Example: SGD 500)
  • Desired Traffic Increase (DTI): The percentage increase in traffic you’re aiming for with SEO. (Example: 50%)

How to Use It:

Enter your current figures into the calculator as shown in the examples, and then hit “Calculate ROI” to find out the return on investment for your SEO efforts.

Why It Matters:

Calculating your SEO cost is crucial—it pinpoints the effectiveness of your SEO tactics and guides budget decisions for founders. It’s the litmus test for aligning your SEO spend with strategy outcomes.

Scenario Example:

Let’s say you’re the owner of ‘TechGadgets’, a company specializing in smart home devices. You’re spending SGD 500 per month on SEO and seeing 5,000 visitors from organic search. Your conversion rate is 1%, and each customer typically brings in SGD 100 over their lifetime. You’re considering increasing your SEO budget to boost traffic by 50%. By inputting these figures into the SEO ROI Calculator, you’ll be able to see if the potential increase in profits justifies the additional spend on your SEO strategy.

SEO Cost Calculator


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