SEO ROI Calculator

Maximize your SEO impact: Use our intuitive ROI calculator to transform organic reach into measurable revenue. Get instant clarity on your strategy’s success and pave the way for growth. Ready to boost your earnings? Just enter your data and let the results guide you

What to Input:

  • Current Organic Traffic: How many people find you via search? (e.g., 5,000)
  • Query Volume: How often is your keyword searched monthly? (e.g., 20,000)
  • CTR: What % of searchers click your link? (e.g., 2%)
  • Conversion Rate: What % of visitors buy? (e.g., 1%)
  • Profit per Conversion: How much do you earn per sale? (e.g., SGD 50)

How to Use It:

Fill in the fields with your data (like the examples above), then hit “Calculate” to see your potential monthly profit from SEO.

Why It Matters:

Get a clear, quick estimate of your SEO’s value to make informed decisions and boost your bottom line.

SEO ROI Calculator


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