Webinar Profitability Threshold Calculator

Discover the pivotal moment your webinar investment turns to profit. This calculator is crafted for the savvy digital marketer orchestrating webinar funnels, providing clear visibility on when the scales tip from cost to gain

Here’s how it works:

  • Cost / Registration: Input how much you spend to get one registrant.
  • Attendance Rate: Indicate what percentage of registrants actually attend the webinar.
  • Purchase Rate: State the percentage of attendees that go on to purchase.
  • Target Cost / Sale: Set your ideal cost to earn a sale for maximum profitability.


Emma is a digital marketing manager for a company that sells online courses. They use webinars as a key marketing tool to convert prospects into paying customers. Emma’s company has noticed that their webinars are popular but isn’t sure if they are profitable.

Emma uses the Webinar Profitability Threshold Calculator to input their current data:

  • Cost per Registration: $20 (ad spend divided by the number of registrations)
  • Attendance Rate: 10% (percentage of registrants who actually attend the webinar)
  • Purchase Rate: 20% (percentage of attendees who buy the course)
  • Target Cost per Sale: $200 (desired maximum spend to achieve a sale)

The calculator outputs:

  • Cost per Sale: $1,000 (the actual cost to make one sale based on current data)
  • Revenue per Customer: $300 (the revenue earned from one customer)


  1. Immediate Insights: Emma sees that the current cost per sale is $1,000, which is five times higher than the target. This indicates that either the cost per registration is too high, the attendance rate is too low, or the purchase rate needs to increase.

  2. Strategic Adjustments: With this information, Emma can make strategic decisions to optimize their webinar funnel. She might decide to reduce the cost per registration by targeting her ad spend more effectively, improve the webinar content to increase the attendance rate, or add an incentive to boost the purchase rate.

  3. Financial Planning: The calculator helps Emma understand how far off they are from breaking even and what numbers they need to hit to become profitable. It allows her to forecast future profitability and set realistic targets for the marketing team.

  4. ROI Improvement: By tweaking the variables, Emma can simulate different scenarios and find the most cost-effective strategy to improve their ROI.

Cost & Revenue Calculator
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