[CASE STUDY] – 134% Traffic Boost and 148% Increase in Bookings for a Home Setup Service Company

Client Background

SlothMove is a UK-based company that offers comprehensive home setup services, including change of address assistance. Having struggled with stagnant SEO growth for years, they sought Incify’s expertise to help identify and overcome the obstacles hindering their online presence.


SlothMove aimed to revive their SEO efforts and achieve significant growth in website traffic, organic keywords, and bookings. They needed a clear and actionable strategy to eliminate the blockages and unlock their true potential in the competitive home setup services market.


Our team at Incify conducted a comprehensive web assessment to pinpoint the root causes of SlothMove’s stalled growth:

  1. In-depth audit of technical SEO, conversions, and backlinks: We examined every aspect of SlothMove’s online presence to identify areas for improvement and potential bottlenecks.
  2. Clear strategy for addressing identified issues: Based on our assessment, we provided SlothMove with a detailed plan outlining the necessary steps to fix the identified issues and remove the barriers to growth.
  3. Rapid implementation and monitoring: We worked closely with SlothMove to implement the recommended changes within three months, closely monitoring progress and ensuring the successful removal of growth blockers.


Impressive Growth in Traffic, Organic Keywords, and Bookings

  1. 134% increase in traffic in one year: Our strategic approach and efficient execution led to a substantial 134% increase in website traffic within a year, connecting SlothMove with more potential customers.
  2. 66% increase in organic keywords: By addressing the identified issues and implementing targeted SEO efforts, we achieved a 66% growth in organic keywords, increasing SlothMove’s visibility in search engine results.
  3. 148% increase in bookings: The enhanced online presence and improved SEO performance directly contributed to a remarkable 148% increase in bookings, driving growth and revenue for SlothMove.


“Working with Incify has been a game-changer for us. Their comprehensive assessment and clear strategy helped us identify and overcome the barriers that had stalled our SEO growth for years. Thanks to Incify’s expertise and guidance, we’ve experienced a phenomenal increase in traffic, organic keywords, and bookings. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Jack Roberts. CEO, SlothMove

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