[CASE STUDY] – 400% Organic Traffic Growth for a Large-Scale Dinosaur Toy Manufacturer

Client Background

OnlyDinosaurs is an online toy manufacturer specializing in large-size dinosaur toys for events, boasting an average order value (AOV) of $5,000 to $25,000. Struggling to grow their traffic for years, they sought Incify’s help to unlock their true potential and expand their online reach.


OnlyDinosaurs aimed to drive substantial growth in their website traffic and generate more leads, ultimately increasing sales for their high-ticket dinosaur toys. They needed a tailored marketing strategy to overcome the challenges of their niche market and improve their online visibility.


Our team at Incify devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to address OnlyDinosaurs’ challenges:

  1. Complete website revamp: We redesigned their website to create a more user-friendly experience, optimize it for search engines, and better showcase their products.
  2. Technical SEO maintenance: We consistently monitored and maintained the website’s technical health above 90% (as per SEMrush) by addressing any technical issues.
  3. Internal link building: We strategically improved OnlyDinosaurs’ internal linking structure to enhance user experience and site navigation.
  4. Content creation: We produced 4-5 high-quality blog posts per month, focusing on relevant topics and targeted keywords to attract their desired audience.
  5. Content recycling: We refreshed and updated older content to align with current SEO best practices and keep the website’s content up to date.
  6. Link acquisition: We actively acquired 7-8 high-quality external links per month to boost OnlyDinosaurs’ domain authority and search engine rankings.


Phenomenal Growth in Organic Traffic, Keyword Rankings, and Lead Generation

  1. 400% increase in organic traffic in 14 months: Our tailored marketing strategy and execution led to a remarkable 400% growth in organic traffic, expanding OnlyDinosaurs’ reach to potential customers.
  2. 179% increase in organic traffic in 3 months: By implementing smart technical fixes shortly after signing the contract, we delivered a significant short-term boost in organic traffic.
  3. 2,000 keywords pushed to page 1: Our focused SEO efforts and content creation enabled us to push 2,000 targeted keywords to the first page of search engine results, increasing visibility for OnlyDinosaurs.
  4. 250 form fill-ups attributed to SEO in 12 months: The heightened online presence and improved website experience directly contributed to 250 form fill-ups, showcasing the effectiveness of our SEO tactics in driving user engagement and generating leads.


“We looked for a reliable partner for so long, and after many failed attempts, we found Incify. They not only delivered amazing results in terms of growth but also educated us about SEO, and now we know how SEO works”

Mr. Wang, Head of Marketing, OnlyDinosaurs

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