[CASE STUDY] 921 Demo Calls and 250% Organic Traffic Boost for a Graphic Design SaaS Company in 14 Months

Client Background

Brandripe is an innovative graphic design SaaS company that offers unlimited design services and revisions for a fixed monthly fee. Catering to businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable design solution, Brandripe sought Incify’s assistance in building their organic traffic and ranking for target keywords in Singapore and Malaysia.


To drive growth, Brandripe aimed to generate a significant number of demo calls and strengthen their online presence by ranking for every keyword on their target list. They needed a comprehensive and tailored marketing approach to achieve their goals in the competitive graphic design industry.


Our team at Incify employed a multi-pronged marketing strategy to address Brandripe’s challenges:

  1. Technical SEO maintenance: We maintained the website’s technical health above 90% (as per SEMrush) by consistently monitoring and resolving any technical issues.
  2. Internal link building: We strategically improved Brandripe’s internal linking structure to enhance user experience and improve site navigation.
  3. Content creation: We consistently produced 4 high-quality blog posts per month, focusing on relevant topics and targeted keywords to attract the desired audience.
  4. Content recycling: We periodically refreshed older content, updating information and optimizing it for current SEO best practices.
  5. Link acquisition: We actively acquired 4-5 high-quality external links per month to boost Brandripe’s domain authority and search engine rankings.
  6. SEM – High intent/Competitors: We targeted high-intent keywords and competitor keywords through search engine marketing to capture potential clients actively searching for graphic design solutions.
  7. Social ads (FB/IG) – Direct to Offer: We implemented direct-to-offer social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness and drive conversions.
  8. Lead Gen: Custom Outreach to prospects via Apollo: We designed and executed custom outreach campaigns to engage prospects and generate high-quality leads for Brandripe.


Outstanding Growth in Demo Calls, Subscriptions, and Organic Traffic

  1. 921 demo calls booked: Our comprehensive approach led to a significant number of demo calls booked within 14 months, effectively showcasing the company’s value proposition to potential clients in Singapore and Malaysia.
  2. 249 subscription sign-ups: The increased visibility and targeted marketing efforts directly contributed to 249 new subscription sign-ups, driving growth and revenue for the company.
  3. 250% increase in organic traffic: The combination of technical SEO, content creation, link building, and targeted advertising resulted in a remarkable 250% surge in organic traffic, expanding the company’s reach and attracting more potential customers.
  4. 100% of targeted keywords pushed to page 1: By focusing on high-potential keywords and implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, we successfully pushed 100% of the targeted keywords to page 1 of search engine results in both Singapore and Malaysia.


“We looked for a reliable partner for so long and after many failed attempts, we found Incify. They not only delivered amazing results in terms of growth, but also reimagined our sales process, leading to a steady monthly delivery of quality leads.

Abby Kurry, CEO at brandripe

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