[CASE STUDY] – 3,820% Traffic Explosion and 800% Boost in Add-to-Cart for an Ink Cartridge Retailer

Client Background

Yoyoink is an online retailer specializing in ink cartridges, competing with major established players such as Canon. Seeking help with SEO and CRO, they enlisted Incify’s expertise to level the playing field and gain an edge in the competitive market.


Yoyoink aimed to drastically improve their SEO performance, increase website traffic, and boost their conversion rate, including add-to-cart actions. They needed an actionable strategy to revamp their website, disavow spammy backlinks from legacy SEO agencies, and rebuild their site authority with quality links.


Our team at Incify took a comprehensive approach to address Yoyoink’s challenges:

  1. Complete website revamp: We redesigned Yoyoink’s website with a focus on user experience, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization.
  2. Disavow spammy links from legacy SEO agencies: We conducted a thorough backlink analysis and disavowed harmful, spammy links that were negatively impacting Yoyoink’s site authority and rankings.
  3. Rebuilding site authority with quality links: We implemented a robust link-building strategy, acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks to strengthen Yoyoink’s site authority and search engine rankings.
  4. Improving product conversion rates: We focused on optimizing product pages, leveraging data-driven insights to improve conversion rates, including add-to-cart actions.


Astonishing Growth in Traffic, Keyword Rankings, and Add-to-Cart

  1. 3,820% increase in traffic in 12 months: Our strategic approach and efficient execution led to an astounding 3,820% increase in website traffic within a year, connecting Yoyoink with more potential customers.
  2. 3,100 targeted keywords pushed to page 1: By implementing targeted SEO efforts and rebuilding site authority, we achieved prominent page 1 rankings for 3,100 of Yoyoink’s targeted keywords, increasing their visibility in search engine results.
  3. 800% increase in add-to-cart YoY: The enhanced online presence and improved product conversion rates directly contributed to an impressive 800% increase in add-to-cart actions year-over-year, driving growth and revenue for Yoyoink.


“Working with Incify has been a transformative experience for our business. Their comprehensive approach to SEO and CRO, combined with their expertise and dedication, helped us achieve phenomenal growth in traffic, keyword rankings, and conversions. We are more than thrilled with the results and can’t thank Incify enough for their exceptional work.”

Kok Lee, CEO, Yoyoink.com

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