Free SEO Audit: Everything you need to know

SEO audit, or SEO assessment as how we like to call it, is the first step and the most important one, because by doing a proper assessment of your site’s SEO performance, and by looking at your competitors SEO and what worked for them, we’ll know exactly how to deliver 10x ROI for every dollar you invest in SEO.

And you know what, we offer this for free, isn’t that great!

Watch the video below to know exactly what you will get if you requested a free SEO assessment today!


0:01 Hey guys, David from Incify here, and I’m about to show you what a free web assessment looks like and what’s included inside of one.

0:10 Now, before we even get to that step, we basically would already have an understanding of your business goals, what you’re trying to achieve through SEO, what your data and history and execution have looked like, so that we can come up with a recommendation of things that you, of course, haven’t tried before, to then custom tailor a marketing plan that gives you nothing but the jam-packed value of step by step execution with timeline and more importantly, specific goals that we believe we can achieve within a certain timeline.

0:40 So this is kind of what it looks like, and of course, this is an actual web assessment from one of our clients, so you get a good understanding of what’s included and what you’ll get from this. 0:51 So let me walk you through it. So it obviously has a cover page like this and it has a table of contents so that you can go to any part of the assessment at any given time.

1:02 We have specific goals that we’re going to be talking about. Your goals can be things like increasing traffic quality, increasing conversion value, and improving ranking positions.

1:13 It could be lowering cost per conversion from your ad campaigns by ranking organically for the high CPC value keywords, it could be a lot of different things.

1:24 It can be spending less time on link building and reporting if you already have an internal team that’s doing your SEO.

1:32 So we want to know all of the pain points that you have so that again, we give you a custom-tailored marketing plan that’s going to help you out in a big way.

1:41 We also have the opportunity to do a walkthrough, diagnosing the issues that we recommend fixing. It’s a quick-win action plan that’s more like a medicine for ailments relating to your SEO.

1:54 Some examples here are the low-hanging fruit keywords or LHF keywords where we look at the top keywords that are near page one right now, and what we recommend to do to push them to page one.

2:09 This will give us a quick win since it takes much less time than trying to rank for new keywords. We’ll also look at your old content, looking for opportunities to recycle that content so it can rank for more keywords and drive more traffic to your website.

2:28 Then we look at the keywords, and expansion opportunities by analyzing your competitor’s keywords to identify what’s missing and build a plan around that.

2:38 This will later be used in building your content calendar. We’ll also look at your technical SEO auditing your site to discover what issues need fixing right now so that we can deliver a high impact to your site and also what to prioritize.

2:55 Then we look at more opportunities like internal links and how your content is linked to each other, and link building by comparing your domain to your competitors to discover link opportunities.

3:09 After we finish the opportunity walkthrough, we then get into the meaty part of the assessment, which is the starting action plan for the SEO services that we offer and how each of these different services plays into each other to get a ripple effect of positivity for you.

3:26 You’ll also see what’s called a roadmap, and the roadmap lays out the starting action plan items in whichever month you want to get those done by so that you know exactly what’s happening and when, and then the scope of work shows you everything that we can do within that service line.

3:45 We’ll also talk about reporting and communication. We take you through both the quantitative, the numbers that you actually wanna see, and the qualitative, like what are we doing for you so that you’re always up to date and never have to wonder what’s happening or when it’s happening.

4:02 We give you that clear access immediately so that you can see that all your answers should be there and if they’re not, let us know and we can make sure that we have some level of reporting that actually shows that.

4:16 Same with communication too. There’s also a little page on why you should choose us with a recording that walks you through documented case studies or testimonials from our clients and what to expect in terms of growth. 4:30 By the end of the report, you’ll find information about the growth options that we’re open and transparent with our pricing, and there will be three options to choose from and recommended options customized for your needs.

4:45 Lastly, we talk about the expansion opportunities and what else we can offer to support your SEO needs. Some of our clients are agencies, and we do offer white-label outsourced options to take the hassle out of some of the time-consuming tasks like blog management and link building.

5:04 We also have a slide with a video recording that answers the most common questions we receive from our clients that will help you understand our process more, and to help you in deciding if we are a good fit to work with you and be your SEO partner.

5:19 You can request this assessment now for free, and you can even start executing these strategies all by yourself. Thanks for watching.