SEO Service Explained + Video Recording

We at Incify offer complete done-for-you SEO services, where we take care of everything, from A to Z, delivering to you traffic, conversions, and growth.

Watch the video below to understand exactly what we offer, how we deliver SEO services to our clients and what to expect from working with us.


0:01 Hey guys, David from Incify here, and I’m gonna show you all about SEO 360-degree managed services and how we deliver that service.

0:10 So let’s get started. In this service walkthrough, I’ll cover the strategy that we often use when doing SEO 360-degree projects.

0:19 We’ll look at the roadmap and how the project unfolds, how we do reports and communication. We’ll look at some case studies samples, and lastly, we’ll talk about the growth options.

0:31 So we use a unique strategy that works every time, and it starts with a web assessment that we offer for free.

0:36 All you need to do is request one from our website, but during that web assessment, we’ll audit your website, compare it to your competitors, analyze your keywords, and walk you through any opportunities that are actionable and easy to implement.

0:51 After that, we move into the foundation stage by resolving all the critical technical issues that we discovered during the assessment stage and setting the plan for the next six months.

1:02 Once we finish the foundation stage, we move into always-on campaigns and a set of monthly activities using different tactics.

1:10 So some of the things that we covered during this stage are things like internal links where we link from other pages in your sites to your targeted pages to improve the traffic flow and keywords rankings.

1:23 Another is content recycling, which is looking at your old content and refreshing it with updated content to boost its ranking.

1:31 There’s blog management, a complete content calendar that covers all your SEO content needs. This is where we expand the keywords universe and constantly increase your traffic.

1:42 And then we have link building, which is a major portion of this service where we use several tactics to constantly acquire the highest quality links.

1:53 We also cover technical SEO, so we often fix all the technical issues in the first month, but with the always-on technical campaigns, we maintain the website’s health and constantly audit the site on a biweekly basis, and there’s reporting.

2:09 So this is where we track and report all the important metrics to accurately measure the success of the SEO. So this is an all-inclusive service that covers everything.

2:19 It’s a complete solution, and it’s designed to help get your business to generate qualified traffic, all to accomplish one goal to get you more sales and impact your revenue.

2:30 We want SEO to play a major role in impacting your revenue, and so that’s what we’ll focus on. The key to success though is to stay consistent and maintain the effort on a regular basis.

2:41 That can’t be overstated enough, just how important that is. Our communication is simple, and all of our project communication is done by Asana.

2:51 With full transparency, you’ll know who works on what and what’s planned for the next three months, and you can talk and discuss Any task directly on Asana.

3:03 Also, we use Loom for video communication, and we have a live reporting portal for you to easily access any information, and we do bi-weekly check-in calls so that you’re always informed of what’s happening, what’s going on.

3:18 So one question we always get is, why Incify what sets us apart from the rest? First of all, we only use white hat tactics with full transparency following Google guidelines.

3:30 Secondly, we offer a Bulletproof guarantee. So if for any reason you don’t see tangible results after six months, we’ll continue for free for up to 60 days so that we can fix your situation for you.

3:44 Thirdly, we use a strategy that’s been tested and has worked for dozens of businesses, a strategy that focuses on the users first and the algorithm second, if you don’t believe that, just request a demo call and we’ll show you detailed case studies of what we’ve done and what results in we’ve gotten for our clients.

4:05 This is one of our case studies. We have a 90% success rate in doubling traffic within six months of starting the project.

4:13, In this case, study, we tripled the traffic in nine months and almost doubled the signup rate. So those are pretty exciting numbers when you figure that this could be you, this could be your business.

4:25 In another case study, the client specifically asked to improve the contact rate, not any contact but qualified leads. This was in the business-to-business health industry where one lead is worth thousands so they truly know and understand the value of SEO and its impact on revenue.

4:46 Within nine months, we doubled the number of qualified leads, and the result was a 10 times return on investment. So in other words, for every dollar that they spent on SEO, they got $10 back.

4:59 Here’s another case study where we increased traffic from 8,000 per month to 40,000 per month in just eight months, and that’s using the same strategy that we’ll use for you.

5:12 So those are just some of the case studies that we have to show. But if you actually want the detailed versions, request a call with us and we’ll walk you through them exactly like we did here, and we can show you up close what success looks like.

5:27 Now, let’s talk about the growth options. We made it simple for you with these three packages here. The basic one starts at $1,200 per month, and it’s suitable for local and small businesses with limited budgets, but big goals.

5:41 This package has its limitations and it works best if you already have an internal team that can cover content. So this way we work as an extension of your team to deliver world-class SEO at a very affordable price.

5:55 The plus and pro packages Start the same base, but with more add-ons, for example. It includes content writing, outreach campaigns, better quality links, better quality content, more research hours, advanced reporting, a dedicated account manager, and more bandwidth to cover big sites and bigger goals.

6:16 And we can even customize a package for you based on your budget and needs. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us tailor a package for you specifically.

6:26 Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this, and if this aligned with you and what you’re looking for, please book a call with one of our consultants today and let us give you a free web assessment, consultation, and strategy overview.

6:40 There’s no obligation. It’s totally free, and it’s packed with value and actionable insights. Thank you for watching.