Link Building Service Explained

Link building is one of the core elements of SEO, without it there is no ranking movement. No matter how good your content is, if no one link to it and mentions it everywhere, it will not rank.

We at Incify offer a unique link-building service, a hybrid strategy that works like a charm, every time.

Watch the video below to understand more about how we do link-building, and what to expect from this!



0:00 Hey guys, David from Incify here, and I’m going to show you how we do link building. So let’s get started.

0:07 In this service walkthrough, I’ll cover the strategy that we often use. We’ll look at the roadmap and how a typical project unfolds.

0:14 We’ll examine how we do reports and communication. We’ll see some case studies and samples. And lastly, we’ll talk about the growth options.

0:23 So we use a hybrid link-building strategy that works every time. It starts with a link assessment that we offer for free.

0:30 All you need to do is request one from our website, but during that link assessment, we’ll audit your website links and filter out the good ones from the bad ones.

0:38 We also compare it to your competitor’s links to get a better understanding of the links profile needed to get you to the next level.

0:46 But after that, we move into the foundation stage by cleaning up any toxic links that can potentially harm your website.

0:54 We also plan out the next six months so that everything moves smoothly by design. Once we finish the foundation stage, we move into always-on campaigns and a set of monthly activities using different tactics.

1:09 So some of the things that we cover during this stage are things like competitors’ link audits. So we always check who links to your competitors and we rebuild the same links for you.

1:19 We look at building linkable assets so that your site naturally wins links just by virtue of its good content. We also use linkable assets as a base for the link exchange campaigns.

1:32 We cover directory listing to get you some local signals and diversify the link profile. We also utilize paid guest posts.

1:40 It’s a quick way to get you controlled placements with optimized anchor texts on relevant sites that are carefully vetted. Of course, we use outreach campaigns using a mix of tactics.

1:53 Our favorite personally here is the link exchange to build genuine connections with relevant but non-compete businesses. And lastly, we cover reporting.

2:03 We deliver it in three formats. That’s biweekly, monthly, and quarterly, and everything is tracked and reported with full transparency. So a typical link-building campaign follows this roadmap.

2:16 The first month is essential. It covers the project kickoff, analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, assessing existing links, and then setting the foundation by building high authority links from our network of sites, leveraging on existing connections while the other outreach team preps the pitch and prospect sites.

2:38 In months two and three will continue the effort in strengthening the foundation by building linkable assets, building targeted links with optimized anchor texts, and continuing the outreach effort to build up the pipeline.

2:53 So after that is always on campaigns, actively building links and monitoring the keywords, and movements, Monitoring the link toxicity and AB testing, and several outreach templates until we get a good response and a perfect formula for you. 3:08 Specifically the always-on campaign’s purpose is to keep the links coming naturally to continue in pushing your keywords to page one. 3:18 Our communication is simple. We use a link tracker sheet to report on the link activities, the status, the metrics, target pages, and anchor texts all in one sheet.

3:31 Also in, in addition to that, we use a sauna for project management and Loom for video communication. So why Incify?

3:40 What sets us apart from the rest? First of all, we only use white hat tactics with full transparency following Google guidelines.

3:49 Second, you only pay for live links, so there’s no risk to you at all. Everything is pre-approved by you before we do anything, and if for any reason we don’t manage to build links for you, we’ll refund you every cent.

4:04 Thirdly, we use a hybrid strategy that leverages guest posting from our existing network and outreach, giving you more control and flexibility over the quality and quantity.

4:17 You can also request access to our case studies anytime, and we’re always happy to walk you through what we did for other clients and what type of links we managed to build for them.

4:27 In fact, here are some of our case studies. So this is one of our clients that we’ve been supporting with backlinks for the past two years, and the results speak for themselves.

4:37 You can see the traffic is doubling up every six months, and we managed successfully to rank them for most of the prime keywords in a very, very short time.

4:46 And we can do this for you too. This is another case study and you can see the impact on conversions.

4:54 So this client is from the health industry, which can be very a, a very difficult industry to work with, but with our unique hybrid strategy, we increased organic traffic by 70% and improved visibility on high intent keywords, and that impacted the bottom line with an increase in conversions.

5:14 Another case study here from one of our other clients who is an e-commerce manufacturer from China that sells oversized dinosaurs.

5:22 We’ve been building links for them for over a year now, and you can see traffic jumped from 8,000 a month to 40,000 a month, and 90% of the targeted keywords have been pushed to page one.

5:35 Here are some samples from our links campaigns, and of course, we’re, like we said, always happy to share with you during our initial call so that you get a better understanding of how we build links and what you can expect from us when you partner up with us.

5:50 Our growth options are simple. We have three packages, and these are tailored toward the most common types of sites and requests.

5:57 The difference between basic and plus is additional link-building services, better metrics, and more hours put into building linkable assets and AB testings.

6:09 The PRO is designed for enterprise-level companies or businesses with big goals and more keywords to target. Our contract duration is 12 months and the cancellation notice is 60 days.

6:23 So thank you for taking the time to listen through this, and if any of this is aligned with what you’re looking for, book a call with one of our consultants today.

6:31 Let us give you a free link assessment, consultation, and strategy with no obligation. It’s completely free and it’s packed with value and actionable insights.

6:41 Thank you for watching.